Jamy Cabre: Blog https://www.jamycabre.com/blog en-us (C) Jamy Cabre (Jamy Cabre) Sun, 06 Feb 2022 16:22:00 GMT Sun, 06 Feb 2022 16:22:00 GMT https://www.jamycabre.com/img/s/v-12/u838829971-o910357212-50.jpg Jamy Cabre: Blog https://www.jamycabre.com/blog 90 120 Haus Weaver II https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2014/6/haus-weaver-ii It has been a busy few months, the house is painted, the kitchen mostly finished except for a couple little jobs.  We are moved in and enjoying this little nest of ours.  It took a few more dollars than planned, almost a few too many weeks.  We lost a beloved dog, got married, and adopted another dog from a rescue in Aurora. 

Remember what the kitchen looked like? 

This is now!  Hickory cabinets and a nice dishwasher.  Many many thanks to Ev Brunke for installing the cabinets and designing a lovely matching backsplash for the countertops.  We are also grateful to Mark Malmskog for his tools and expertise, and to the high school kids Paul wrangled into painting our ceilings one weekend.  Clicking on the photo below will take you to a gallery of more before and after pictures.

I also dug through some shots from last spring and found a few of Ten Sleep and my family's ranch, click on the photo below to go to the gallery. 

Paul and I are pretty excited for our next trip up there, the premier of the movie Wanda the Wonderful is happening over the 4th of July! I don't think I've mentioned this much, but my great-grandmother Wanda was a traveling sharpshooter for Remington during the twenties, before she met and married my great-grandfather Carl and settled (sorta) down in Worland/Ten Sleep.  My cousin Carolyn Macartney wrote and directed the film about her.  My only claim to the film is a split second scene of a pistol being fired during the trailer - and I was the one shooting it.  Anyway, here's an original promo portrait of Wanda; click the picture to go to the official film website.  


And here's gorgeous ol' Castle Gardens, a few miles west of town. I would ride my bike out here and just wander around reveling in the loneness of the place.  Somewhere in all my stuff are pictures and a video my sister Joslyn took of me dancing on the rocks, there is a hollow, a wide windowed shelf covered in a deep layer of sand that serves perfectly as a stage.   

Castle Gardens-1Castle Gardens-1


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Haus Weaver, Week 1 https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2014/3/haus-weaver-week-1 So for awhile my blog is going to focus on the bit of renovating Paul and I are doing to the turn of the century brick cottage that is our first home.  The place just needs a bit of a face lift, it's off to a good start with newly re-finished hardwood floors courtesy of the seller, but needs an updated kitchen and some work to the bathroom before we're comfortable moving in.  Actually - I brag that I can handle just about anywhere for short periods of time and surrounded by chaos, but Paul pulled me back out of the clouds and declared I would not be able to handle him not handling it.  This is true.  Also the prospect of wandering through a partially unpacked house with two dogs and uninstalled cabinetry is not the adventure I want to have right now in the blustery spring of Laramie.  So here goes, Haus Weaver, Week 1.

The living and dining room, bedrooms are off to the side, one off each main room.  

This is the kitchen . . . .gas stove!! 

removing the window boards was the first thing I tackled while Paul and good friend Mark installed a new bathroom vanity/sink

Old houses, so full of surprises.  This is what I found behind the bathroom mirror 

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Vedauwoo https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/9/vedauwoo Lovely early fall Images from the Turtle Rock/Beaver Ponds trail up at Vedauwoo.  I've always had a quiet obsession with wind twisted trees and rock.  



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Drummer Face https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/9/drummer-face Just wanted to share some good drummer face from Brandon Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket at the Pre-Riot Fest show Friday Sept. 19th.  Marquis Theatre, Denver.    The last pictures were taken at dusk at Riot Fest from the Ferris Wheel.  A full writeup and galleries from Dawn Wilson and Chris Douglass for the full Riot Fest experience in all it's hot dusty weird glory will be posted to http://www.fortheloveofpunk.com soon!  

Brandon Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket.  Marquis Theatre, DenverBrandon Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket. Marquis Theatre, Denver

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Wedding!? shots and a nifty prime lens trick https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/9/wedding-shots-and-a-nifty-prime-lens-trick I know, I don't do weddings - but I was very pleased to have assisted in shooting this one just outside of WyColo with the talented photographers Gabe Cook and Christina Weickum of Gabe Cook Photography http://www.gabecookphotography.com. The scenery was beautiful, the sky was just right and the couple made us feel like family - I couldn't have asked for a better day of shooting.  

The WhitmansThe Whitmans The WhitmansThe Whitmans  Here's a fun trick with Prime lenses:  pop it off the camera and use it like a tilt shift!  

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A series of Events https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/8/a-series-of-events Whoa what a summer - it's going by too fast.  Here is a giant swath of new photographs for you to enjoy, I'm linking to all the galleries to save some space.  Enjoy!

Bacon Fest.  http://www.jamycabre.com/p86412828  Houseshow featuring Head Injuries on tour from Fort Collins.  Also beer.  And bacon.











Stabbed in Back at the Buckhorn July 22http://www.jamycabre.com/p804196861 

Stabbed in Back (Albequerque, NM) dropped in to play with the CONVALESCENTS and Redbush on a Monday night.  If you haven't taken the time yet, I highly recommend giving Stabbed in Back and the Convalescents a listen.  

Stabbed in Back: http://stabbedinback.com   One of my images was used on their new EP Waiting for Light.  Stoked! 

the CONVALESCENTS: http://www.reverbnation.com/convalescentsmusic  Hidden gem of a band out of Fort Collins.  

Redbush: http://www.reverbnation.com/redbush  Laramie's own 




Battle of Old Wyoming http://www.jamycabre.com/p161043863

Fast becoming a huge tradition now in it's 5th year, bands from Casper and Laramie converge to the Virginian hotel in Medicine Bow for twelve hours of music on two stages and a party that lasts clear into the next morning.  The town that lasts the longest wins, or something like that.  I don't know who keeps track but it's a great time and one of our few all ages events.  I missed the first couple bands and left early so there are a few bands missing, otherwise the pictures are in order of the day's lineup.  


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2013 House of Joy https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/6/2013-house-of-joy The Spring House of Joy Benefit BBQ and Concert Series was a blast! Whiskey Slaps, One Drop Evolution, The Peculiar Patriots, Shotgun Shogun, Truck Stop Tuxes and Beatgrass kept the music going and Altitude once again kept spirits high with a great selection of brews.  The proceeds will go to the Laramie Plains Museum and WHATFest.  WHATFest founder Marco Ruble was present with Volunteer sign up sheets and thumb wrestling.  Yours truly signed up for first aid.  They still need quite a few individuals to help with Parking and Recycling - so if you're already planning on going to WHATFest this August, why not help out? You can sign up by emailing [email protected].  

I also shot my first thunderstorm last night!  

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5.4.13 Patti Fiasco at the Swing Station https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/5/5-4-13-patti-fiasco-at-the-swing-station AFter two previous nights of hard partying and hard playing in Casper and Laramie, Patti Fiasco (Fort Collins/Laramie) , John Kirlin and the High Plains Drifters (Casper), and Sageland Stomp (Laramie) found some secret pockets of rockin' energy to carry the inhabitants of La Porte, Colorado into some kind of Alt Country heaven.  I have to say the back patio drunken olympic facilities at The Swing Station are something that Laramie bars could take a lesson from.  If you find yourself bored (?) of Laramie on a Tuesday night here in the gorgeous summer to come,  I highly suggest running down to La Porte to see Highway 287 (Ansel and Dee of Patti Fiasco with some other dudes) play this bar.  

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5.1.13 Face to Face at the Gothic https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/5/face-to-face-at-the-gothic April 26th I had the immense pleasure of shooting Face to Face at the Gothic Theatre in Denver.  Also present were Allout Helter from Denver, Blacklist Royals hailing from Nashville and our very own Teenage Bottlerocket.  


I would like to thank Paul Weaver for his patient late night impression of the show as I once again hashed out the writeup at the last minute, and while I love going to concerts, my writing is rather dull and dry and doesn't do the experience justice.  So everyone can look forward to more colorful and witty write-ups in future collaborations.  

And why does the Macaroni and Cheese at Sputnik keep changing!?  I swear every few months when I pop in for the ultimate in un-impressed hipster waitering the recipe for this my favorite dish has changed.  Or maybe I haven't had enough to drink before I eat. 

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4.27.13 Metal at the 3rd St Cowboy https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/4/27Metalatthe3rdStCowboy So in this amended re-post of this blog.  Laramie, welcome your newest set of Metal/Ambient/Math/Noise bands.   Blackwell,  So Your Friends Are Actors, The Nocturnicon and Bubba Tech.


I woke up Sunday morning wondering if I had really seen a male version of Princess Leia onstage, screaming about cats and Satan? Yes I did, wow.  So the best way to end this fabulous weekend (by the way, stay posted for photos from Face to Face at the Gothic in Denver from Friday night!) could only be an intimate acoustic set at the Crowbar featuring our own Madison Graulty of Meadow and the Larks, Shotgun Shogun, and Dude, Ch!ck Band and Jeff Berman (Divided Highway) traveling through from L.A.  Thanks much to Brett Delaney from Poor Me for setting up the show.  


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Bad Religion https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/4/bad-religion Getting coverage of Bad Religion almost didn't happen for so many reasons, the 1st being that it took Johnny a good couple months to get Epitaph to work with us, and only at the very last minute did we get photo passes.  In the meantime the tour itself ran into a snag, Against Me! fell off when they couldn't find a replacement drummer and were replaced by The Bronx.  Then the whole bit with the truck happened while I was on the road.  But you'll just have to read about that here:  


In other news, I have several photo projects in the works for News From Nowhere, on the subjects of secrecy and disuse. They may evolve into some sort of local history lesson as well.  

Look for me at the Union Gardens the 18th for Take Back the Night and the 19th at the Train Depot taking pictures of the Magic Beans and associated shenanigans, then I'm off to FOCOMX -maybe? 

The weather is really bringing me down, spring such as it is around here, has been blown southward and covered in a thin icy sheet of pavement grit and prairie dirt.   


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3.31.13 March Forth Marching Band at the Gryphon Theatre https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/4/3-31-13-march-forth-marching-band-at-the-gryphon-theatre This post also showcases some more of our talented local musicians from the Tuesday Open Mic at the Crowbar.  

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2.22.13 Crowbar Open Mic and Meadow and the Larks https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/2/crowbar-open-mic-and-meadow-and-the-larks Open Mic featuring Bill Elliot,  Ray Carlisle, Whiskey Slaps and Shane Milner w/ Colin Moon.   Meadow and the Larks at the Union Ballroom, University of Wyoming 2.21.2013  

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2.8.13 Stat Dad @ 3rd St Cowboy https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/2/2-8-13-stat-dad-3rd-st-cowboy Stat Dad fresh home from their first tour.  Our band Dude, Ch!ck Band opened up the night, during which I earned the coveted Mayor of Cleveland title.  There is also a teaser shot from a recent photo exploration day.  The rest are in the gallery "Industrial Decrepitude".  

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For the Love of Punk Galleries https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/2/for-the-love-of-punk-galleries A  list of the Shows in the Front Range area spanning Denver to Laramie that I have covered on For the Love of Punk's website.  New shows will be added as individual posts from now on.  Subscribe to my blog to keep track, or better yet, support live music and go see bands! 











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2.5.13 Crowbar Open Mic https://www.jamycabre.com/blog/2013/2/2-5-13-crowbar-open-mic Inaugural night for the Crowbar's Open Mic happening every 1st and 3rd Tuesday.  The lineup featured Kannibal Korpitz (Redbush/Stat Dad),  Madison Graulty (Shotgun Shogun/Dude, Ch!ck Band/Meadow and the Larks) and Carter Parks (Rattrapper/Peculiar Patriots).  Unfortunately I arrived late and missed Korpitz.  A shame cause I am always really entertained and very creeped out by his acoustic rendition of Oingo Boingo's "Little Girls".  



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